A night out in Wichita....

I was bored yesterday evening so I decided to take the bike out for a bit of a “poser ride” in downtown Wichita…here are a couple of shots from the ride. (I promised the hotties who wanted to pose with my bike at the fountain that I wouldn’t post their pictures on the Net…what the hell was I thinking?! LOL)




very nice

Looks like a very nice place there!

We do the same thing sometimes here Gregman, there’s a place called Leceister Square that a gang of people like to go hang out in on a Friday night, just to sit, chat and have all the revellers come and mingle. Nice pictures!

I love that part of London…I used to always stay in Euston when I was there (had to take a train to Watford each morning for work.) I would spend my off hours walking about in Leicester Square…Covent Garden…and uh…cough cough Soho. LOL

Wichita is not even in the same league as London…but it was 83 degrees at 8:30 in the evening so I thought it was a perfect night for a “poser ride”…tons of people out last night…and it seems the bike always is a conversation starter…good times.

Nice pic of your bike there KSGregman, 83 degrees… nice…

Nice one there mate, nice snaps as well. We are extremely jealous of the temperature.

Nice pic’s mate and not jealous of your temp at all, yeah right haha

thats one lush bike dude .!!!gixers you gotta love em