A night out at the cinema ... full of bikers???

Your worst nightmare or what? Watch to the end. :slight_smile:

haha thats epic id say only really a worse night mare if you walk in there in a parker and a helmet with i ride a vesper sticker on the back XD


Haha. Very good.

good fun :smiley:

Ha ha! Fantastic! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Hah, cool video :slight_smile:

I guess from the monagram at the bottom of your page you are thinking of getting the new er6f, i can HIGHLY recommend it awesome machine for the money and not so extreme that you have to keep pulling your bollocks out of thier hiding place everytime you go for a ride (unlike the r1 brigade) and you can ride comfortable for hours (unlike the r6, rr, 600 weekend spurts)

Just my opinion but beats all the competition!!:smiley:

Sorry if out of context of feed was aimed solely at sparky.

Thanks for that Mr Slayer. I bought a brand new ER-6F in July and haven’t stopped grinning since.

I’m a novice biker so don’t have anything to compare it to, other than brief rides on a Honda Blackbird (too big), a Kwak W800 (no thanks) and a Harley Sportster (nice ride but it’s a Harley, nuff said).

Back on topic :wink: … if Carlsberg made a motorbike, it would be an ER-6F.

Btw, I’ve ridden it from Glasgow to London. Great fun!

Snap got mine August furthest ive been on it is belgium, its great having a bike that can cruise at speed and doesnt mind the 2 mile trip to tesco and back! If you havent already get a scorpion end can and change the lousy “er6f” stickers to the ninja ones it would have in the usa looks a much better bike for it, let me know the next time your up the bh tea hut and i will bring mine.


Brilliant vid, thanks for posting that.

Epic made me chuckle…