A Nice Ride to Beachy Head

Great weather and a great day to be out


Aha, you’ve got the Spider tailpack from Baglux.  I though I was the only person who bought one of those.

Looks good. What was your route?

Nice :slight_smile:

I went down to Brighton then took the main coast road all the way to beachy head. Not sure which road, just found it on the map and followed the signs

It’s the south coast road from the marina, to peacehaven, seaford, etc

My girls live just off it.


As you’re still posting on LB we can assume, that after your arrival, you didnt toss yourself off?

ok, ok…where’s my travelcard?

Yes I was surprised to see all of the chaplains driving around, didn’t know what to make of it at first

you didnt toss yourself off?
What someone does in the privacy of their leathers is their business!

Isn’t it amazing how language evolves. Being old, when I was young tossing meant throwing. Gay meant happy, queer meant feeling unwell. Having a gay day, coming over all queer or tossing yourself off beachy head now have new connotations :smiley:

Nice place, not shots, nice bike :slight_smile:

beautiful views went early this morning well worth it