A new...

lease of life for The Riot!:sunglasses:

thought you would of started it up for us to have a listen to !!

Oh yes, +1 to start it up, pull a few wheelies, doughnuts, stoppies and the like. You know you want to.

I’m sure its been asked before but what is the purpose in life of the baby feed bottle?

I’m guessing its to keep the wetter out of some electricals or other.

Catch tank off the carb

I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet.

Can’t Wait to sample Mr Scorch’s handy work! I hope it goes as well as it looks? :wink:

List started first time when it came out the van :sunglasses:

Nice, can’t call it the ROT or the PLOP anymore. Bet you are a happy Sneaky!!

We need audio.

Tried to ride to work today. Good start. Wouldn’t start and I forgot Scorch said he’d welded the kick start lever that had snapped. The weld failed so I was going nowhere on it.good job it failed at home rather than at work!

Hope to have a new lever tomo eve.

New kick start lever and off! Yeahhh, Rioting in London again! B-)

Gotta run the blink’kin thing in now! :frowning:

What you been doing scorch, even the friggin speedo works? :-0

Happy days