A new way to stop your car from skidding


The stupidity of some people is just amazing

WTF. Hahahahaha.

That wasn’t very smart. I think staying in would have at least been safer.

Could have been worse it could have been a 1098 eh Garrett:w00t:

pmrotfl, brilliant

getting run over by your own car qualifys you into the retard of the year awards:):smiley:

wasnt that Bryan Harvey in 2005!! Love the headline

Fabulous sound at the end, the smash-tinkle of an insurance man weeping.

haha, how stupid!.. the car was sliding at about 3mph and wasnt exactly in for a Formula One style crash!

This one is so funny!, it’s like Ice Curling with Cars


Oh man that’s bad. Falling under your own car…

haha brilliant!

What a pair of muppets, why not just stay in the car, it would stop eventually and wouldn’t exactly have been a high speed crash!!

Such a selfish act too. And if you watch it again, the driver’s getting out almost as soon as it starts sliding. Unbelievable.

What a pair of muppets:w00t:

This guy must be another contender for dipstick of the year!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0FjntOZV58 Re the OP - I want to know what happened round the corner? How did the car eventually stop? (hit another car, hit house, etc???)

i actually felt sorry for this guy

I sure don’t feel sorry at all for that guy. I get away lightly. There are times when comment sense have to prevail… Not always but this is clearly one of them. Should have taken the tube or even better… Stayed home!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

and what if you cannot travel by train/bus or walk? life has to go on for some people whether it snows or not it doesnt for me though :stuck_out_tongue: