A new Smiled Documentary...

A documentary about a group of londonbikers that meet up on the M25 and race each other for parts,cash,and even bikes.Follow their story for just one night to see this underground race go overground.This is never before seen footage of just some of the unlawful racers with interveiws while they undertake the preperation of their bikes.THIS IS NOT TOO BE MISSED.

only a select few knew about this untill now…


Shane you should be in PR or politic because I are ******* good at selling ****…

will this be the biggest ring piece you have ever had?:cool:

nicely done, except the " comming soon" spelling mistake!lol. Would have been nice to see one or two more clips tho:D

well that was about as exciting as watching paint dry…:stuck_out_tongue:

bit like your sexual abilities eh westie?:wink:

and the comming part…well…slight oversight on my part…soz


i just thought you’d missed out the ‘u’ instead

are you the camera bike ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont think youd be racing for slips m8 you love your bike mutch to risk loosing it.


70 seconds of trailer, of which, 2 seconds were film and 68 seconds were credits…


Hope you’re gonna address that ratio for the finished product :smiley:

It’s comming soon… :smiley:

That few seconds of movie and a soundtrack make my skin creep, awesome :slight_smile: