A new rider in the group:

Hello everyone,

I’m Roberto from Spain.

I already met some people at London borough Market, for them, a big Thanks for your welcome.

For the rest, I hope I will see you soon.

Some pics of my susi:

See you out there!

You came with us to Blackheath tea hut too, right? Nice to meet you.

Yes, was me! Nice to meet you too.

Bienvenido al club :slight_smile:

Lovely bike :-). Mind you I’m biased, I have the same bike…

Hi and welcome!


Hola !

Welcome to LB, nice to (briefly) meet you last night

Hi Roberto & welcome :slight_smile:

TheOc we’ll meet properly next time. :slight_smile:

Hola a todos los españoles! Nice to see more Spaniards around.

hahaha, thanks szymon. I’ll keep that in mind, :wink:


Hi Roberto,

nice to meet you earlier at LB, sorry I had to rush off. I had the Orange Gsx650F.

Hopefully I’ll catch you at a future one!


Are we that many?? whereabouts are you living?

hola… i was born in madrid but spent half my life here… so not sure what i am anymore

Hola Roberto! Welcome to the bunch :smiley: