A new one on me...

I almost got taken out today at the paddington flyover… by a scooter. Guy in the left had lane jumps the light, goes straight on then… veers to the right. I was on the gas, thank Christ. No life saver, no nothing, he just tipped his scooter and was cutting across the lane. Missed me by about 6 inches as I accelerated past him.

Is it just me?

Edit - I reckon with thinking time braking would have ploughed me into him.

An old mantra would seem to apply here; if in doubt: flat-out!

Well done for not shunting mr unobservant.

Definitely, lol.

Gas and go, that’s what I was thinking. Safety in speed.

yup a lot of them, and a lot of the foreign scooters don’t seem to give a poo about other road users at the moment…i had a chick on a scoota who was behind me at the lights turning onto southwark bridge just go before they changed green and jump underneath me at the turning…lord knows why, i just overtook her 200yds later…and she could see me indicating left. If i hadn’t spotted her and held back i’d have gone at the same time and taken her out …

ah The paddington speedway eh? yeah im used to travelling that stretch quite often and notice that a lot of these people on scoots seem to think its there right to ride as fast and as dangerousley as they can along there.

They are rather scary with the loony riding. Scooter riders should all do ScooterSafe days with the Police, it might just help. I’m trying to get a work colleague to do one as she has just started riding and is a bit nervous.