A new host

Welcome Keti!

Yes, welcome aboard Keti!

Marvellous news - welcome

welcome aboard Keti

welcome my love!!! xxx

Well done.

Does she have to carry the tea tray and offer out Custard Creams at the meets now?

no its more like the fags and a glass of wine!

Ta, peeps.

As long as I don’t have to make the tea, you’ll all be fine

I’ll vouch for that.

Welcome aboard Keti

2 sugars please

Congrats Keti!

Congratualtions - I have seen you play host and the chicken, mangetout and couscous was excellent!

Whadda ya mean? I made you make your own

Another host??? so whats that 794 now…

it must be a change around, or someones stepping down from the ‘position’

i think everyone should be a host then we are all clear on wtf is going on

shut it you!! we have enough now, always best to have a few extra than not enough…

Yeah well someone turned the position down

Yeah, nice one Keti!!!