a new addition

Well Brandy now has a sibling, i decided to buy a deauville today for my winter bike! shes called Goldie and i shall be picking her up on Sunday. I also have Wolverston coming up from Devon in a feww weeks, shes my first bike and am hoping to keep her too! I shall keep you posted on the family!!


Wow mate! Congrats! You obviously earn too much dough all these bikes!

Goldies a rough old cow, shes been around the block a bit!!! ha ha, needs a mot and new tyre, but engine is sound, perfect for winter and with storage too, although i shall probably fall in love and do her up!

i aint gonna be insuring all three at once!!! the varadero is gonna need some time spending on her.

I want a hack bike! I saw an old R reg Zx9 on visordown for sale today, it looked alright for £1600 would have done well for a mess about bike! Had I had the money I would have brought it!

Set of flat bars, streetfighter headlights and bingo would have myself one hell of a hack bike!

goldie was £800 quid- bargain!!! shes done 56000 miles on a t plate. as i say rough old cow!!

Mate after you have got your hands on her I cant see her being rough! The way you clean up bikes! Never seen a Fazer as clean as yours!

i tend to get to attached to my bikes!!! i cant part with any of them, if i do get goldie scrubbed up i might even get a nice paintjob done on her, maybe mirage kinetic, its a mg colour, a perlescent hologram paint!!

ark at her flip paints, get the wheels chromed too while your at it…

after the impression you gave us on wednesday on how to buff a bike, i’m surprised yours isn’t cleaner.

by the way nice one westfazer

what a cheek- cleaner? you wont find a cleaner high mileage fazer than mine!!! ha ha, just take a look at steves!

yes i can see goldie now, blinged up doughville, wid bad boy spoiler on the rear and bad ass speakers to listen to some tunes!!!

Oh and some fairy lights!

You lucky thing you. I wish I could have a 2nd bike, have fun.

Rough old cow, pmsl!
Great news! You’ll have her as good as new in no time

2nd bike more like his 4th lol

I think it is gonna be my winter project!, i shall use the companys workshop on those cold winter sundays and also some evenings!!. cant wait!!!

Now, I am really getting jealous, 4 and using the company workshop??? That is not fair!!! Swap one for a handbag to wallop Flattie with???


in fairness, the fazer is mine, the vespa is my company bike, the varadero is in devon, and the deauville ive yet to collect!!!. you can borrow one if ya like…

Wallop me… what have i ever done to you

im feeling victimised