a must read thread

haha this guy (was) a tool :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s actually alright was at bm tonight having a chat he’s new as was you some this thread is useless.

How would you feel if everyone ganged up on you with waste of space threads like this??

Have a rethink before jumping on the bandwagon

i read it and i agree … with myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Pm sent :slight_smile:

He’s not a tool, but he has just decided that everyone is forgiven… haha was actually a funny thread, por bloke ended up having to add lewis on FB to prove he was genuine and not smiled… :smiley:

haha yeah i know y u were suspicious

sh*t i forgot he was going to be there today, really wanted to see how he looks like and whether he’d be anything like his posts.

i agree with the ganging up thing, if you’re a newbie and without knowing happen to speak your mind people will jump at the opportunity to rip them apart for the sake of drama, well drama you ask - drama you get and a very funny thread

We were sorry we thought he was Smiled, he seems a good and genuinely enthusiastic young biker, just the sort of young blood we need to perk up London Bikers ageist ethos.

Good on Lewis for supporting this guy, not that Lewis is anyones favourite, he is after all, the only man who can lose 26 people on a rideout, … … … … …, … o. j… but still … … … . … … …:slight_smile:

Jimbo 1 (02/02/2011)

haha this guy (was) a tool :stuck_out_tongue:


yep :smiley:

He’s a top bloke, just like me! :cool:

26 people is a few short. Still maybe a few still out there unaccounted. :slight_smile:

Oh well:

Somewhere out there, for months now & in all weathers sits a faithful dog refusing to leave the driveway until he hears the sound of his masters approaching motorcycle as he returns home from Lewis’s rideout… :crying:

**** off, not you aswell! :smiley:

You know what I won’t even retaliate to your pathetic thread… I’m young, I’m loud, I’m sexy, I talk the truth and people love my threads, I love LB and the nice people here… Wheareas you got bullied at school and turned into an intent warrior seeking attention at the expense of others… Next time I’m at the BMM meet come holla at me I ride a White yzf r125, tell me I’m a tool big man… I make threads that become instant hits you understand I entertain people but you are a clown, don’t try be me you understand… Fool… Thaynks for giving me recognition and making a thread about me… Like I said I ride a white yzf and I wear sidi vertigo red boots come find me next week and we"ll discuss what you have to say about me yeah bossman?

Ps shiver top dude… Thanks for shown me around and showing me way hkme

When you’ve quite finished socialising, where’s my thin crust pepperoni with Jalapenos? I ordered it over an hour ago! :hehe:

Haha sorrrrry it will be jimbo1’s face next week if he tells me I’m a tool… Infact you know what fuccckkk it jimbo1 ur my lb b1tch from now next Wednesday you shall polish my boots infront of everyone

i rest my case

Or just remember people can be different online to in person like kaos I think hes a total prat on here but in person a nice guy.

im sure he is but hey its fun making people bite sometimes and i think ive caught a biggen lol

illz chill haha :wink:

Im sexy! where did that come from!!! ???

and clowns entertain people as well my new friend! even Jimbo!