A most clement day

Today has been unexpectedly brilliant.

Woke up at 7.00, was fed and watered by 8.00, and hit the road to Kent to see my mum and dad. Came back through central London, which was surprisingly fun, despite the heat.

Had another shower at home, then lunch, then headed back out for what I’d planned to be a “spirited” ride to Amersham and Denham. But I only got as far as Chorleywood:

“Hey, look - a cricket match on the village green! Hey, look - an ice-cream van on the boundary!”

My hands were tied, really. An hour of cricket was watched, an ice-lolly was eaten and a can of coke was drunk while sitting in the sun talking to a lovely old fella about Don Bradman.

I still haven’t made it home - I’m sitting in the sun outside my local on a country lane, posting this from my iPhone.

Today has been a good day.

Where did the rest of you go?

(Edited to add picturey goodness.)

somewhere in the lanes, commiting mass murder of midges and other things that fly:w00t: leaving plastic from me sliders on the tarmac…all at legal speeds offisher…oh…and i didnt see chr!s once!:smiley:

a good day indeed:cool:

Ace, Box, Devil’s Dyke, Brighton, Hastings, Rye, and back…eventually. The bike survived and so did I, just.

Pics here if anyone is interested!

Just a little tootle to box hill and back for me - a measley 70 miles.

Still, off to Portsmouth for work next week, so will have a decent ride down there…

another 30 miles and I’ll have put 5,000 on the clock since getting it in January :smiley:

You lucky bugger, i went to Tesco, went to the garden center, planted some plants, went to see my mrs gran then home for dinner and now just got bacl from the park.

you did do a very similar ride indeed! Did you find the twisties around rye/battle?

Nice ride to Bournmouth…
Sat on the beach…
Went into the water (bloody freezing)
Covered my gear in sand lol
Nice ride back :slight_smile:

Hehe… the ‘bonkers’ (the ones that just hit you) are fine - it’s the Tie Fighters that freak me out - the ones you spot zooming towards your visor from a distance…

Still, they all meet the same end - spreading their @rsehole all over my helmet :Whistling:

YES! Amazing…that hairpin nearly caught me out, I was daydreaming!

check out the big yellow splat on the right, i see that fugger coming!!:w00t::w00t: ‘DONK!!’

hmmm best way to clean ya visor…lick it…hmmm dead midges n things:D:w00t:



What a great day :slight_smile:

A nice ride to Camber, Chilled on the beach for a while remembering to use sunblock as last year burnt my legs :frowning: Leathers and burnt legs don’t go very well :wink:

And a great ride back… now for some chow and then start praying that the forecasts are wrong and the Sun will still be shining in the morning :cool:

I know, that hairpin is nuts! I got KD around it! Only going about 20mph tho! Also, before that, there was a lovely right hander then left hander but it was just the other side of a crest! That got me!lol Would love to ride that road again, just gotta find it!

Had a right laugh lounging in the sunshine in my garden with Firebladepaul, Roadrunner,Cheekychick,Smiled,Gary and hubby Great company and great weather:D

rode up to billing aquadrome, wandered around the funfair, had picnic by the lakes fed the ducks n swans, called in to annoy an ex army mate on way home then rode the long way home :slight_smile:

all in all a damn good day :slight_smile:

up and out early. did hemel, bovingdon,chesham,amersham,wycombe,wendover,cheddington,berko,aston clinton. back to winslow for pub lunch then home to st albans… sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. absolutely beautiful day. backs aching like a goodun now so cider is my anaethetic… hope you all had a good day too. :smiley:

So, did the big yellow one taste good then. :smiley:

I drove to Falmouth, did 3 and a half hours work, and then drove home. 700 miles in the car.

What a waste of a lovely day.

you have to be faster next time:D i had a crafty lick later tho, yum big yellow ones are ok:w00t:

What she said! :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a great day Sam! Thanks for the pizza and hospitality! :wink:

My turn next time! :smiley: