A mahusive thankyou!!

Well I found you guys after googling hard for you. :)Where do I start? A simple but massive thanks for all the marshalls enroute of the Aviva Breast Cancer walk on 8th September.

What top bunch of people! I was last… and you all cheered me on and made me feel good. It really made a difference to me - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Still can’t believe you did that to your bandit :w00t: any piccies?

Talking of which, any time you need a photographer for an event or any help for charity events you need help with - I’m there. FREE!!


If you want the best team in the world youve come to the right place.As for Photographers…Ive got a Toby 1 and a Jayster…sorry no vacancies but i,ll fit you in…love and luck to you and all that took part !!

hey, you guys are the stars. you lot are just amazing…and i really mean that. for all yuo guys to walk that distance and keep on walking and smiling is out of this world. we will support you all to the end, luvs ya all:D

Echo those above, and as for pics of the bra’d up bandit, await the gallery which Jay should be getting up and running soon!

Given that it was not a race… there was no last place!