A lucky lady and a 600RR

hehe well no prizes for guessing who picked up her shiny 07 600RR today from Dobles. I was on hand for ferrying and photo duties - here’s the results.

Obviously in no particular order lol lol this crazy forum software.








Very nice looking bike, shame about the rider.

Someone’s in for a slap me thinks

Very nice hope your both be happy

WOOO HOOOO!!! Very nice, and bike’s not bad… hehe When you get back in from riding it, let’s have a “riders report”.

Borrowed dragonbakk’s ‘03’ CBR6RR (first time on a bike since the crash) and smiled from ear to ear. Can’t wait to get back on my Gix tho hehe

Nice one Lusty… Enjoy.

Nice pictures, lovely Lady and a brand new Honda . What’s a hot combination

The 2nd pic, is that you on route to me us at Clacton

Nice bike, bet your well chuffed

Looks lovely

Bike’s alright I spose

nice one Lusty - do you have face ache yet from the constant grinning, lol.

Stunning…the bike that is…Nice one S, can see you are one happy happy happy owner …

wow what a beauty!!! well done duck! x

The guy’s a star! Crackin’ shots as ever Andrew (jealous!)… And one lovely bike Shauna!!!

Bike Shauna? That’s no way to speak about a lady Jay

Looks lurvely…Can see how happy you must be…Enjoy!

very niceeeeeeeeeeee

Thank you Andrew for your beautiful photos (shame about some of the subject matter ).

Well I’ve just got in after being with my new playmate all day. I now have 100 miles on the clock and I’m still grining! I have to say that breaking in bikes is a slooooooooow process (well I did pop in and see a few friends on route). Thanks BabyJ

I love my bike and I can’t wait until 600 miles comes on to the clock so I can see what she can really do…

Night night all x


Your new bike is a REAL looker…you looked like the cat who ate the canary in those pics…made me smile.

Nice one Shauna!

Best paint scheme too IMHO!

Shauna, you know i didn`t mean that about you.

Lovely bike…should say Gixxer on the side tho …nah its great

Gixxer spelt “common”?

hehehe, only joking

Thanks guys for all your lovely comments, she is a beaut. I think this is going to be the start of a long and happy relationship.