A lot more speed cameras

According to the bikesafe cops, there are rear facing average speed cams going in on the north circular.

oh what a fun place

Welcome to London please give up all rights as a human being.

There are ones on the smart motorway bit of the M1 heading south from Luton Airport, where the variable speed limit signs are, built into the overhead gantries, set up to take your rear numberplate. Don’t ask me how I know…

What are all these speed cameras going to do about folk on mobiles, or, as I saw on the South Circular this morning, the aftermath of someone turning right across the traffic?

And rear facing average speed camera are planned on A13 for 2015. Currently just got front facing cameras…

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It would appear that the whole country will eventually be covered in average speed cameras.
Time to invest in cruise control :frowning:

I think I counted 15 in my trip from Bermondsey to Watford…that’s mad!

They’ve put a speed/red light camera up Jamaica road as well (used to be just red light camera) up towards Tooley street one way system.

on my cycle in this morning I reached 34.2 mph …I guess I will stick to cycling!

I’m thinking of something like this for the city:

Cameras are going up on these lights now - it’s actually in both directions.

There was also an unmarked police bike knocking about in Balham this morning, good job I’m a “stick to the limit in a 30” kind of a guy :smiley: Although he was busy with a couple of cyclists when I passed him.

Pretty funky, yep. However legally, electric bikes aren’t allowed to go above 15mph. Well, aren’t allowed to propel the bike once travelling more than 15 mph. So, yes you could cycle it down a hill at 30+ mph, but the electric motor has to turn off once 15 mph is exceeded.

But there’s plenty of bikes that will happily exceed this when, ahem, ‘off road’, like this one, which will do 50 mph odd:-

Also, there’s no legal requirement for a lid, license or insurance on these. So kind of sensible really that they don’t allow them over 15 mph. Otherwise we’d have loads of lycra idiots flying by at 40-50mph, through red lights, straight over a zebra crossings, sending pedestrians flying and merely turning round to say, “I’m only a cyclist, dunna have any insurance, bye!”. Actually, no, scratch that. Let the twats kill themselves at 50mph with naff all protective, might make the streets a bit safer…

so If I can cycle at 30 mph why are they limited to 15mph? that makes no sense

its the same with the go peds …australia and USA allowed them…no not here …cant have that sort of thing on the roads!

They’re only limited in power assist to 15mph, the bike itself will go as fast as your legs will let it (probably not very fast given the weight of the things)

I’ve managed about 45mph on my bike but I’m not sure I want a city full of electric bikes blatting around at that speed.

You could always pimp your push-iron http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BICYCLE-FITTED-WITH-A-PETROL-ENGINE-GOOD-FUN-SUITE-CANAL-BOAT-ETC-/131257236758?pt=UK_Bikes_GL&hash=item1e8f8a7d16

Arfa, that is the whole point - no insurance, no number plates, no give a f*** about stupid 20mph average speed cameras.
I know that they have to be restricted to certain speed, but who is checking that? 50mph is truly unnecessary, but 30mph would be nice.

I used to ride one of those go peds when was working in USA, it was going up to 30mph, really loved it!
Did you know that they completely banned electric bicycles in New York though?