A lot more speed cameras

There seems to be a lot more speed cameras springing up on my route lately.

They are on the junctions along the Euston road and Marylebone road.

Keep em pealed

There’s some new red light/speed camera on A12 and A406


have to watch out for that

I think they are popping up everywhere. they are red light jumper cameras and also for catching people speeding through lights as they change amber

I saw the A12 ones yesterday, 3 different junctions, the Moby Dick, and the ones before and after going out of town

They’re down the side of Clapham common too. That’s 4 cameras on one section of road between Clapham North & Claphgam South - enough for a ban in the space of 2 minutes :crazy:

I’ve always wondered that, if you get flashed by 4 cameras on one stretch of road do you get all 12 points? to me your only speeding once not 4 separate times

Lol if my paranoia wasn’t bad enough…I’m habitually looking at my speedo due to speed cameras surely that’s more dangerous!?

Yep, a mate of mine lost his licence just like this. One morning on the way to work 4 different cameras along the A40 and a year with no bike.

At this rate we’ll need to get a funny speed limiter button like the race folk use in pit lanes…

Yes I have seen one of those on st George’s road the A302,I have heard it’s because people normally speed up to run a red light so It does you for both, bit like a tesco two for the price of one deal…6 points in one swoop… Plus a double fine…

No one cares about that. Remember ThinkMoney not Biker.

I got home Friday waiting for me was a PNC ( buslane ) and a speeding declaration from where I live can’t wait to see what. Speed I was doing as it’s camera I pass every day usually not doing 30 mph never been flashed before the only difference is I was wearing a rucksack this time

Grrr, pop over to THIS FORUM which can help you decide whether to fight it/help you fight it with the correct process and advice around any flaws in your documentation/case…

I did mention it in April, 700+ new cameras…


So glad tfl are investing money into much needed speed cameras instead of wasting it on their bus and train services.

TheUnforgiven (18/07/2014)

For a year ban you need to be doing something more than just triggering cameras. Six months is par. A year suggests something else was an aggravating factor.


There was a case a few years ago in Blackpool where a boy-racer triggered 2 cameras, got 6-points, and received a ban as he was within two years of passing his test. His lawyer argued that he shouldn’t have been given 6-points as it was one speeding offence on one stretch of road that triggered two cameras a distance apart. Prosecution said it was 2 offences as he’d stopped at a petrol station between the cameras, so came within the speed limit, then left the petrol station and speed up to break the limit again :laugh: The ban stood.

Looks like there’s another one of these speed/red light cameras going up on the A3, just north of stockwell, heading south.

I think it’s This one

Painted lines went down yesterday or today so if the Clapham ones are anything to go by there’ll probably be a camera there by the end of the week.

I think there are more active cameras on the M25 around Heathrow. If you look at the map in this article around the Heathrow stretch it days “Digital cameras on sections to be working by summer” well it’s summer now.