A long shot but you gotta try !!

A freind of mine posted this recently on ZX10R.co.uk - I know it’s a little " out of area " but I thought the county’s largest biking community may be able to help :cool:


Thanks in advance guys ;)Editted to add : Apparently this fella used to work for " Total Transmissions " in London SW9 if anyone knows him ?

i hope they find him soon. :frowning:

I’ll keep an eye out… very worrying for everyone when someone goes missing.

Poor bloke, obviously got some problems… Hope someone finds him soon so he can get some help. :slight_smile:

Hope they find him ok. Hopefully his mates and his Mrs hear from him soon. Fingers cross and keeping an eye out for the bike.

you got to be worry for anyone that think that he is so far gone that he is better off without contacting wife (even when having marital issues) or/or his mate (in this case seems that they are good ones that care)…
Life can really be a bitch.
Hope the bloke is ok and that he will let his close friends and family not too worry… :unsure:

Can’t help directly, but i do have a couple of mates in Nottingham, so have emailed the pic to them.

Good luck.

try this site m8: http://www.mfn-club.co.uk/

its a bike haunt in nottingham also try the sfoc, streetfighters owners club a few of them hale from that area and visit the afforementioned place.

as well as you know them, you never really knows what goes on in other peoples lives do you …


it says he only had £20 that would just about do him from bedford to nottingham area at speed on a blade …so hope he’s just waiting to be found

hopeing he found safe and well , job and money come second to loved ones around him … fingers and everything crossed

hope he is found safe and well:)

i feel liek fuking off sometimes, things get hard…but its all a test.

wayne if you do look in here, let ya family know your ok dude.:wink:

if this fella has been driven to this, all the more important that he is found quickly. as bad as things can get at times there is always a solution.

Thank you Keith-17 for finding the news articule and linking it, and thank you guys with your much appreciated kind words. Wayne’s wife Nicki x

Simple, Thank you from me for taking the time to post this and a big thank you from his girls x hope we’re lucky now and someone spots him.Nicki

No problems Nicki - just doing what we can you try and find him for ya :cool:Tell the girls that Daddy will be home soon and just give them an extra kiss at bedtime from London Bikers until he does surface eh !Keep positive and I am sure Wayne will be back soon :cool:

Some encouraging news from last night - Wayne has made himself known at a police station somewhere up country I believe . Apparently not on his way home yet but at least he is safe and well - all the rest can be dealt with when he is ready :wink:

Nickie , if you are still reading this , I hope you are all ok and those prayers must have reached someone eh :wink:

Glad to hear he’s ok, hope things start to improve little by little

Thank goodness , at least he is safe and well …

Glad to hear that this isn’t going to end in tragedy. There is obviously a reason for this, and hopefully it will be sorted out.