A little off at High beech on Sunday

Hey people
I saw a few London Bikers up at the beech on Sunday and I would like to say thanks to those that stopped and helped me and my OH on Sunday

We were the Blue Streetfightered Blade and purple Repsol Babyblade that came off on the way to the roundabout.

He caught something with his back wheel and hit the curb which sent him flying head first into the holly bush. I was braking to go and help when I hit whatever it was that caused him to slide and came a cropper as well. The bloke behind us also hit it but managed to stay right side up. Didn’t realise at the time but somebody showed the old bill a patch of diesel that may have been to blame but who knows!!

My Oh has broken his collar bone and is in some pain I got off Scott free no bruises or aches, I landed on my head lol.

Looks like both bikes are write offs as we both had custom paint. Big dents in the fighters tank, small one in mine but all the fairings f**ked on one side

Thanks again everybody that has helped in any way
We’ll both be back on the road asap :smiley:

Bloody hell Cher, thats gutting to hear, wishing your other half better soon and good to hear you are ok :wink:

Oh bad news…:pinch:

GWS, both of you;)

Thats a bummer… broken collerbones arent a quick heal either, my mate i used to race mx with had to take most of the season out from racing in 2007 due to a broken coller bone. Hope it doesnt take him too long to get sorted.

I went past just as you were at the back of the ambulance,good to hear it was’nt too bad:D

I’ve seen the two of you at the tea hut before, never realised you were on here (makes mental note)

Sorry to hear about your bikes, hope you both GWS

See ya round:cool:

I went past with just the paramedic quick response team there, you were sitting up wrapped in foil talking to them. Glad nothing seriously wrong with either of you, the broken bones and pain will heal.

ouch, sorry about the offs but glad there were people to help and your both relatively ok. Hope the other half heals well.

Ouch, sorry to hear about that, a lot of damage just from one spillage…shows how bad diesel can be… GWS for the OH :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to what they did look like pre falling offness :frowning:

My Oh is Linkpipe we don’t get on here that much

I’ll add some piccies of after falling offness later

Thanks for all the well wishes

It was my Oh under the space blanket somebody else thought it was agirl as well lol he does have long hair

just seen the pics, gutted if that fighter is a write off :crying:

yeah what a shame! right little looker that bike is! glad it wasnt worse

get your oh off to see brian simpson (google him). I snapped my collar bone on monday last week and am now relatively pain free and can do most things even though the bone is poking out of my shoulder still (and i’m racing next week)

He’s not cheap but he is the man when it comes to collar bones and is employed by wsbk, bsb motogp teams etc.

It does bloody hurt for a week or so though…best wishes.

LOL, I only took a very quick glance as the road was rather muddy and greasy and was keeping an eye on the tarmac and the on coming traffic, hopefully I haven’t offended him :smiley:

Sorry to hear about this, hope you are not in too much pain, and so glad it wasnt any worse for you both? Although looking at that gorge bike, i think if it was mine, THAT is the pain i would be feeling right now !!! OMG i love the look of that blade ! is there no way it can be saved???/