A little known fact

I have just read that most of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras can tell the difference between a square plate (bikes) and a rectangular (car) plate.I’m thinking that if that’s the case - all those bikers with car style plates may be wrongly getting asked to pay the congestion charge?

Has this ever happened to anyone?I’m assuming that everything gets checked with the DVLA first?

I ride into London everyday and it`s never happened to me.

Glad to hear it - although they’d never chase you for it even if it did happen.

I’ve just bought myself a smaller plate but I’ve kept it square - the font is legal but i think the sizing might be 3mm off and the spacing 5mm off - never mind - at least its not trying to fool anyone or trying to spell some crap out.

Why do people do that? Everyone knows that the A is really a 4 - it’s like telling the world you’re too poor to afford the real deal!

Can’t remember what car I had that had a square back plate but it was designed that way.

If I still had that could I have escaped the Livingstone tax?


I think this is one of them urban myths.

Many Grey Import cars and 4x4’s have square plates and still get zapped.

ANPR camera’s are forward facing arent they so the chances of a bikes plate being picked up are pretty slim :smiley:

VW Beetles have square plates too (proper ones, not BMW ones!).

I have worked in the industry and can categorically say that ANPR cameras CAN tell the difference between square and rectangular plates - furthermore - you can set them to either process or ignore these plates - as far as what london transport has done?..havent a clue.

I think the minimum they do is run them past dvla first just to check that a certain plate really does belong to whatever vehicle the camera is seeing - otherwise most lorries and land rovers would go for free!! and that aint the case.