A little help?

Hi, I’ve been riding for only 7 months now and I’ve been enjoying it, started off on a little nsr 125, what a nightmare that bike was! anyway, I’m in the middle of taking my restricted access course so that i can move on up to a 400. I’ve brought a really old vf400fd, nc13! old but in good nick. the exchust pipes are spilt, fork seals are ****ed and it needs a new collection box. I can easily get all the parts, its just that i need someone trustworthy to repair it! I know alot of guys at the ace but i’ve been given some mental quotes! Is there anyone who knows ROUGHLY how much I should be paying for this job? Thanks. Stacy.

Hiya, I don’t know how much work is involved, but Tony R1 is one of the most honest and up-front mechanics I know, he won’t see you wrong. He can tell you exactly how much work is involved and what it’ll cost. He charges below the average rate as well for his services, as he’s freelance.

Hehehehe… I should get Tony to sign up, then he can defend his hair.

Hey come on… dont be dissin’ the hair!!

lol! thanks guys! i was considering asking Tony but I know he has alot of work going on at the moment! i do trust him and know he’ll do a good job, i’ve spoken 2 him about it already and his up for doing it at a really good price, i just didnt want to add more work onto his pile! Tony’s hair, doesnt scare me Rod! nothing wrong with his hair! hope everyone is good, see you at the Ace soon. thanks

OK. Fork seals and stuff are not too bad if you have the correct stand for holding the bike up.

The exhaust is a nightmare. I had a VFR400 NC30 and changed the system. Now I did it myself and used one of those lovely hydraulic platforms in a garage. Total time to change complete system, 7 hours. Now I am no proffesional mechanic but I am not bad. If you follow the instructions you are supposed to either take the swing arm or engine out to change the exhaust! Cunning use of 3 socket sets negated this. The studs are quite likely to snap in the engine block unless you are real careful and there is a join on the back of the engine. The bolts are actually welded to the flanges and there are 3 of them. Its virtually impossible to get at them.

Suggest you do get a pro to do it cos there will be plenty of swearing and cursing going on. Not sure what the pro time for changing the exhaust is but I believe 5 hours is recommended, so thats a lot of wonga.

Setup in Wandsworth are suspension experts if you want one of them. James is the guy in there, he knows what hes doing.

Not sure where exactly you are from but if you want any info and possibly help, give us a shout.