A late praise for "Motorcycle Training London"

I’m sure most of the regulars on the forum know these guys anyway, so this is more aimed at the newbies and anyone looking to do a CBT or DAS course.

I met Terry (Terry moto) and Lewis on rideouts that they organise via the site. The rides are gentle paced and 125cc friendly. That said, no-one is stopping you if you want to bint up ahead and catch a break at rest stops.

Anyway…I ended up doing my DAS over in West London with them and wanted to say I had a great experience. Even though on the first day, I was so tired from lack of sleep, it being a hot day for late autumn I dropped the bike on myself when trying to park, Terry was OK about it haha!

Terry is a very passionate instructor, I “teach” as part of my job, so I feel I am in a position to give an informed opinion about someone’s tuition skills. Terry gives very clear, comprehensive and well thought out tuition, you feel he goes the extra mile at every opportunity. Handouts were given for anything he felt I should brush up on or know a little more about in preparation for the tests.

In summary - Great expanding team headed up by highly seasoned ex-courier and general bike-mad Terry. Competitive rates, good training pad location, a few minutes from a tube station if you’re not riding there.

Good luck if you’re going for a test and be safe out there.



Long time buddy, how’d you get on? I bombed the mod one first time round then cruzed the rest of it after getting the little 125 and riding more often.

I’d like to second this - they’re both great teachers. I did CBT with Lewis and Terry and they were great. They even got the big bike out and I had a few turns around the training area on it when I told them I’d be doing my DAS at some point. I’ll be going back to them for the DAS, hopefully in the next few months when I get my act together…