A Kentish Newbie

Been a couple of weeks since registering so figured it was about time I poked my head round the door to say hi, and buy a virtual round. Great site you have here, loads of useful stuff.

(Un)fortunately not a proper Londonbiker as I don’t live here, but after years of saying I’d never work in London again, do the daily commute up the A20 and through the Blackwall Tunnel.

The things we do for money

Hello and welcome. Don’t hide, come to one of the meets and say hello. I am Kent based as well.

Hey fizzog, welcome to LB! What do you ride?

Welcome to Lb mate

Howdy Doody…welcome aboard !!

hi there and welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



welcome to LB where in kent r u

hey welcome from another kentie - this ones from Rochester

Welcome, I’m in Kent too. Lovely tropical Dartford!

Careful with that stick Abbeyj, you’ll have someones eye out! lol

Ta for the warm welcome, and to answer the questions, home is just south of Ashford, and my bike is a slightly weatherbeaten FJR.

welcome to the site

poke poke poke hehehe

How rude I poked before welcoming you so, WELCOME TO LB