a handful of random pics

Hey, I didn’t get many pics, mostly before and after we set off, there was no stopping her once we got going!!.. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7485&l=80e97&id=507867217 for anyone who’s interested :slight_smile:

Any ideas of drills/tips I can try and teach her?

I’ve got her doing OK so far, she’s about 3 hours road time from her CBT, and maybe 5 more with me over the course of the last couple of weekends, and she’s loving it :slight_smile: edit: I’m in trouble for posting these, she said she thinks she looks like an idiot on the little bike and wants a real one… comments ?

tell ya mum…nooo way is she an idiot mate…and get her signed up to LB aswell…a biker is a biker no matter what you ride …its whats in the heart that counts in my book:D

just advise her to take her time,think everything threw…and enjoy riding the bike…thats what its all about…and keep getting more road time in…thats the only way to build confidence…

LB somtimes have a confidence rideout to build such a thing with 125 users and ppl who have come off…small route,with plenty of stops…and not too fast…

if there’s intrest,i’ll see about organising one…;).

great pics there dude…!!!


Big Respect for Mrs Hambley:)

It doesn’t mater what age, creed or bike style. We all have one thing in common, a love for bikes great and small.

Hope to see you both at a meet soon:)

Congratulation to your brave mum. My mum will try riding next time she visit us in London.