A green fingered question

To all the gardeners out there (and as I type this realize there is probably not many on here)…

I have a small strip in the garden which has weeds, I need to kill them off nothing is ever going to go in there ever it is literally about 1"-2" but the weeds keep growing. All this NADS in the shops about this will kill it is shite, so what can I do to get rid of them once and for all any concoctions I can make to finally kill them off.


What do you mean by ‘strip’?
Strip of lawn or a garden bed?

If a garden bed then the best thing to do is to put some weed matting under the topsoil- it will deal with most of them and you just pull out the rest as they grow.
If it is a strip of lawn then a good quality ‘weed and feed’.
You need to stay on top of it- there is no such thing as ‘do it once and forget about it’- weeds are part of garden.
If you want that then concrete the lot. :wink:

Karl don’t be idle, just dig it :slight_smile:

There is an environmental crime of discharging a hydrocarbon based liquid into the ground, creosote is one of those materials. If that gets spilled nothing will grow for years so if anyone advises you to do that, ignore them.

Heavy dosing of good old salt …but that then does sort of bugger the soil up for ages as does any other extreme action … for a fun way … get a weed flame thrower … A really good glycophate based product and don’t go cheap add a dash of fairy liquid to the mix as this forms a bonding agent letting the product remain on leaves etc longer .

Mrs Art uses some special black sheeting stuff

Pegs it down and the jobs a gooden, it lets water through but keeps the light out. Plants need light, no light no plants

Here you go, get on down to B&Q

10 x 1M Weed control membrane
30 Fabric pegs
A couple of bags of decorative slate

Cheap as chips at £25.00 + a couple of hours shopping and labour :wink:

Is it really 1-2 inches, or should that be feet?

For 1" - 2" I’d rake out the soil and fill it with concrete or timber edging.

I think he’s gone to sleep :ermm:

sorry was away hence no response to clarify,

The strip is between the fence and the concrete path. so imagine they run parrell well the strip also does ans is only about 2" thick at it’s widest point never going to be able to grow anything in there and TBH I dont want to either so just want it to stop bloody growing weeds.

" means inches.
Do you mean feet?
If so then it is 2’.

Some diesel should do the job :smiley:

nope I meant inches, as in the strip is 2"(inches) wide.

Ok, just checking.
I would put down weed matting and cover with top soil.

If you really want nothing to grow there then
sprinkle liberally with sodium chlorate. Might
be difficult to get due to encroaching elfins
aftey tenticles :crazy:

Or enjoy the naturalness of the weeds and get out on the bike more?

To be fair, the accepted definition of a weed is “a plant out of place”. So a voluptuous tea rose in the middle of a a corn field is a weed.

Why not just embrace nature, accept the purported “weeds” and rename them wild flowers?

lol I would but they keep taking over the pathway they have to go

two inches isnt much (pun intended) I think your options are

1 concrete the gap between fence and concrete path.

2 fill gap with some treated wood…so dig out gap and insert 2x4

3 put black matt down and cover with fake grass strip (should be able to get some offcuts quite cheap)

You could dig out, lay a geotextile strip and fill the gap with pea shingle. Lap the edge of the strip up to the fence to help prevent weed ingress from next door.