A good idea for Shopping Receipts?

Just been reading Choprocker’s tale of trying to sort out a helmet refund without a receipt having paid cash when genius struck.

Shouldn’t we all take a phone-photo of receipts for our important purchases ie those which might end up being returned etc? easy to do if u remember.

Then 3 months later when said item breaks and you can’t find the receipt hey presto.

  • NOTE does apply to girls who seem to know where everything is at all times.


It would be useful if shops will accept a photograph receipt, bearing in mind photographs can easily be tampered with. Which knowing HG they probably wouldn’t.

I understand HG’s predicament, a used Helmet has barely any value at all, though I do think they push their luck as far as the law is concerned in refusing to accept helmet returns which are legitimately returned.

Such as Choprocker’s and Cheekychick’s crash helmets, two examples where Hein Gericke really should have accepted the helmets as returned and two occasions where they have refused to do so, on both occasions ignoring the law in regard to returned goods. One suggesting that the customer is required to have a receipt, which they are not, and another suggesting that the customer had “accepted” the goods, which clearly isn’t true when the customer has returned the goods for repair, each time you return goods for repair, the “reasonable” period of time you have to assess the goods is reset.

I personally would never buy a helmet at Hein Gericke, especially when they go for anything up to £400, because I know what they are like when things go wrong. At the moment they are building a reputation of being very poor on customer service when it comes to crash helmets.

Or you could just do what I do and wash out a plastic takeaway box with lid (too much rice from the Chinese!), and then put all receipts in there, write the year on the lid in pen, and then start a second box the next year.

Or if you shop a lot, then write the year and the month on each one, or even stick address labels on and write what you purchased on there.

Easy and quick.

Or have a great friend like Kaos, who sh1ts the life out of people! :smiley:

If you can be bothered to take a photo & keep it, why not just keep the receipt in the first place. As said above it’s not difficult:w00t:

I think the problem is HG are difficult and yet another reason just to buy off eBay at least that way you can use paypal and get your money back if the goods are **** and even leave bad feedback. And you don’t have to go all the way to there shop an have an argument with some turkey neck.

thought Id walked into the wrong forum then, sounded very girly what with keeping reciepts and stuff:laugh:

Haha Ratcatcher, yeah it is a bit girly isn’t it but frankly I’m as bad as Choprocker claims to be and it struck me as a good idea.

Yes a box is great but that’s the kind of thing which I forget about by time I’ve got home and played with new purchase a bit. I thought; you are at the shop, or outside and just snapping the receipt is pretty easy and quick for most of us to do.

Sure the shop may argue that it’s been photoshopped but they should be able to prove they sold that value at that date and time, especially someone like HG which is all computerised tills etc. They have records and once your proof matches their records then surely it’s game over for them? That they don’t take name and address is their fault not the customer’s.

Perhaps we should send our receipts to Jetstream who could operate some sort of central receipt bank or library. Brilliant idea!


not as girly as Shane shaving his ballbag and legs, but no-one seems to care about that… .:Whistling:

its not just HG that “tries” to have a no return policy on lids…J&S are no better…I bought an AGV lid from them and within a week the lining split around the neck so i thought i would go back and get them to exchange it. no problem.

Upon returning to the shop they said “we ave a no returns/exchange policy on helmets, best we can do is send your lid off to the manufacturers and they will replace it”

Needless to say I was quite unhappy and after arguing the toss with them for 20 minutes, I told them that unless they went out back and took another lining from another lid and sent that back, I would either kick off or stand outside their shop all day putting off prospective customers.

P*ss takers , spent £900 in their shop the week before and they were not gonna budge. They did eventually though and I left happy with my lid, but not with their customer service.

Hein Gericke is a German company. As such you cannot expect any customer service from them, because German customer service doesn’t really exist, they’re all a bunch of f*ckwits over there…

It’s very sad, bordering on obsessive, but I scan every receipt I get for anything to do with the bike, anything electrical or anything of high value.

The ability to produce a receipt has dug me out of many holes in the past and resulted in exchanges without any fuss.

A 30 secs job which saves sh**loads of hassle at times.

Like I said though, I’m probably borderline OCD in these things.

Mrs. O is absolutely ace at keeping receipts. They are filed under “handbag/bottom of”.

Of course finding them needs the tenacity of a Chilean miner, but they are in there somewhere.

How can they ‘ignore the law’? Isn’t that the same as breaking it?

Fix it mate!

I hear that - I paid for a helmet on the FC-moto (German online bike shop), i.e. the money left my account, but after a week, had no notice that it had been shipped, then received an email that the item was not in stock, but ‘don’t worry because we don’t remove money from your account until the item is shipped’.
So I called the help/ sales line and was told by the rude customer ‘service’ operator that the money had not been removed and that I should call my lawyer - WTF! ****!

The money was eventually returned and I bought the lid at dirtbikeexpress.co.uk instead - all good.

edited: because the quote system is fkt and the ball was really dropped on this one. Gah!

It is because the Law is a bit of an ass in this respect, as is the Government.

Firstly things like CAB, Trading Standards, Financial Ombudsman etc etc, are all incredibly underfunded and are either unable to take on the case or if they do, take ages to deal with it. I am going through the FOS and it will take 6 months to get a conclusion from the date the case started and they won’t take on a case until you have gone through a process with the retailer/credit card supplier, which takes about 6 months itself.

Secondly the law is a bit of an ass, in my example of the FOS, I will go through an entire proscribed procedure, it will have taken an entire year to get a conclusion, and at the end of the year I will be entitled to…my money back. That is it.

It is in a company’s interest to just flaunt the law, 90% of people will suffer it because they don’t know any better, another 9% that won’t suffer it will “make do” with something less than they are entitled to in Law (Example this thread) and the 1% that attempt to enforce their strict legal rights against the company wait months and months and months for a conclusion and at the end of a very hard slog only get back what they were entitled to. You basically work for a year, writing letters, making phone calls, being out of pocket and being unable to use what you paid for, and all that you get back is the money you paid. Which only further discourages people from enforcing their strict legal rights in the future.

What we need is a system of steep and heavy fines to both encourage people to enforce their strict legal rights and to discourage companies from taking the piss and flaunting the law.

There is nothing in the law that doesn’t allow for this, for a breach of contract you are entitled to damages as well as being able to repudiate the contract (act as if it was never made ie get your money back) but it is for the courts to start issuing significant damages when these sorts of cases are brought before them.

The FOS can issue a fine of up to £100,000 but the last time such a case was brought before them they fined the credit card company £100. It probably cost the person bringing the case a year of their time and about £30 to bring the case. If the credit card company can dissuade 5 people from following through they can save themselves a massive amount of money.

The credit card company I am dealing with has tried to mislead me on three separate occasions, by claiming they are only a 3rd party and it is nothing to do with them, that they can’t force the retailer to do anything so nothing they can do, and finally claiming that their legal department has said that an independent test must be done at my cost. None of which is true. Yet if you weren’t training in the Law there is no way you know that all of this was untrue and might be conned into dropping a legitimate case.

While I will push for the FOS to issue a significant fine, the reality is, they probably won’t. I will be lucky if I get a £100 fine issued against them.

Really? Is this if they have some other proof of purchase? I find it hard to believe you can walk into any shop with an item, claiming you bought it from them and asking for a refund?

The law says you need proof of purchase.

However, not all shops issue a receipt, so there is no legal requirement to have a receipt. If you can prove you bought it from the shop, the receipt is not necessary. Whether that is a credit card payment, a bank statement, or as in the case of Choprocker, the shop assistant remembering you buying the item.