A glowing ref. for Pilot Power tyres.

These are road tyres.


Impressive, I like to see manufacturers put their money where their mouth is. The thing is though, GP bikes run 200-section tyres, do they make 200 road tyres or did they fit a 190?

They also usually run 16.5 rears Jay.

This was with a 17 inch 190 rear. (Source MCN)

16.5’s looks well tasty, would love a pair of em in mag’s for my K5, very AMA

Really impressive, what a great advert…

I had heard production tyres were only a few seconds off slicks at the IOM TT, but as road racers do not corner as hard or as much as short circuit racers to me it just showed that for road use production road tyres are effectively almost as good as race slicks would be - if you could use them - and the difference between the two at the track is not as much as you might think.

“Michelin claims you can lean a road bike shod with these tyres to 51.8 degrees rather than 55 degrees like a MotoGP slick”

Now this is a shame, it looks like I wont be able to justify fitting my elbow sliders for another year or two =P

The flip-side to that Kao5 is that more people are feeling comfortable running road tyres at trackdays, as I do. I can’t be bothered compromising road performance for the track, so run with Pirelli Diablo Corsas for road and track, does both very well at my level of track ability!

I read this in MCN this week … impressive!

I’m gonna go with Jay’s recommendation (other people have recommended these too) and fit Corsas on my bike.

The saving is £50 over a pair of Super Corsas Pro’s or Metezler Racetecs. They’re great tyres, but not worth £50 more over DC’s! Heard mixed things about the Michelins, and too happy with Pirelli’s to bother with experimenting, personally.

Yes, exactly my point, I have PDC’s on my K5 and am very happy. When I hear people telling me they run Rennsports on the road I just cringe . . . . they cool down at traffic lights and are only designed for something like 6 heat/cool cycles . . . maybe you could get an extra second a lap improvement from them but I would rather get that through improving my lines etc.

Also, surely keeping everything the same as you use on the road will help you learn more about your bike and its behaviour.

I havn’t tried the DC’s on the track, but I am well impressed with them on the road.

I have had the standard Diablo’s and the corsa is definatley a better tyre for the road.

Was wondering about the benefits of (if any) super corsa’s, anyone tried them on the road???

Havn’t tried the Pilot powers, only the sports, and I have tried everything else. I don’t really want to go anywhere but the corsa’s again, but am considering the super corsa’s.

Super Corsas will be better on the road than DC’s when sufficiently warm and the conditions are dry, as they’re nearer to a slick so will give more grip, but you’re nowhere near the limits of grip available on the road, as you won’t, or rather, shouldn’t be riding so hard. When it starts raining and you start stopping at traffic lights, then the DC’s benefits start to take over.