a glimpse of summer...

Did a ride to Brighton today with a mate, was a lovely ride with the sun showing its face every now and then on the way there. Nice bit of fish and chips there and a lovely ride back, gorgeous sunshine all the way back, giving us a glimpse of what’s hopefully not too far away! Roll on summer! Anyone else able to get out?

Yep - nice to get out properly after all this sh1tty weather - be great when the cold goes too! :slight_smile:

today it was meant to be raining according to the forecast…hm…i’d rather go out as there is no rain so far even though it is quite cloudy outside…:smiley:

yep, as long as its dry, i’m on my bike!

Yep I got out for a blat around the lovely Kent roads:)

:slight_smile: yup, at 6am this morning on my way into work. And again at 7pm on my way home, tell me…was the sun as pretty as they say? :wink:

how’s the ole 'bus treating you Mo?

Went to the Oakdene on Sunday.

Car park is like a bomb site now and very wet.

Nice riding day, best for ages.