A gift for the ladies

One of the girls in my office forwarded a bunch of images around the office and I though in light of the thread the other day about guys in leathers, I would share these great outfits with you.





Which one?

Brilliant, should’ve put a warning on the heading though, tea all over the place now!

The choice is truly difficult, they are all soooo tempting!

You know you want the Tron outfit, I can tell

is this turning into some kind of fetish site??

I’m sure i’ve seen that first guy at the Ace on a Friday

You have, it’s flatout in his new yellow race suit to go with his R1 !

Thats just WRONG!!! There are some things men just shouldn’t do

The last guy needs to be put down and if these guys are sick what made the camera man think it would be a good idea to take picx and then share them

And the worrying thing is that only the guys are replying…and all the usual suspects too, just need Flatout, Smiled and Flyby and we have a full house.

Full construction instructions on the guy’s website: http://www.tronguy.net

You may want to brace yourself first though !

I understand that Dainese have signed him up as their new head designer !

Holy Mother of All That is Wrong in the World!!!


Please god NO!
My eyes are bleeding now.

He he thats funny!

I have seen the bloke in the dodgy lit up suit before he has a whole web page dedicated to himself lol! Oh dear!

You are just jealous, all of you!

i think they are all very fetching and im sure i seen babyj trying these on in his shop…

ooppps, you’ll want to apologise for that and anyway, yeah, who are you calling a guy???

Weaver, I am ready when you are!

Er Yes Sorry about that, if it makes it any better I have very often be told that I have a girls name “Stacy”, which was very hard as a young lad.

I’m still wondering where Flat’s, Smiled and Flyby with there thoughts, perhaps they are off making there own Tron Suits.

Yes I’ll go and stand in the corner, sorry. (Best sheepish look)