A funny thing happened..

Got tthe sick trike made all better on Friday, got it MoT’d yesterday and headed into Kent, no helmet, just shades, light jacket and 501s, quite the cool according to one granny.

Coming back up the A2, just before Kidbrooke, I passed a slow BMW and noticed that the driver was texting on his mobile. As I pulled ahead, I made a clear hand signal to indicate that he was an Onanist. About two seconds later, serendipitously, the cops turned up with blues and twos behind me (I was preparing to get pulled) but they cut across the front of the wanker to the Kidbrooke exit. The bloke must have shat his chuddies as they did that :slight_smile:

I thought no more of it and carried on down to the Blackwall Tunnel. But lo, as I filtered in at the 3 to 2 merge, who is filling my mirrors but Mr. Masturbater. “What”, I wondered, “is all this about?”. I soon found out. In the tunnel, every time he got stuck up my rear-end, his Doris in the passenger seat was shouting “PIG!!” at me in a sqeuaky voice. I just left big gaps to the car in front, and then filled their ears with rich, melodious, loud V4 goodness as I accelerated away. When we exited the tunnel, he shot off the the A13 exit in right-upset mode.

Aren’t people funny?

haha, nice story :smiley:

wonder what the coppers told him :slight_smile:

With any luck something like…“That will be £60 and 3 points on your licence.”