A friendly Policeman???????

I was stopped at Highbury corner today by a patrol car which scared the life out of me as he was only a yard from my back wheel when he hit the sirens.
Anyway the reason I was pulled was that my number plate is black with dirt and is completely unreadable.
I did feign surprise but if I am honest I was aware of the state of my plate.
The Copper was very pleasant and said that he had no interest in making anything of it but did say that if a traffic cop pulled me they would charge me.
Wished me a good day and left me to go on my way.
Really surprised by his friendliness and I will be cleaning my plate before I leave to go home tonight which I might not have done if he had been an arse.
So refreshing as the Boys in Blue normally look down their noses at bikers.

Did you have a VERY large backpack on that looked like it could have contained £55million?

No cash in the back but a rather dubious sandwich made by the wife last night

Swear she is trying to poison me.

Straight in the bin

Think my colleagues are trying to do the same, took me to a £5 all you can eat chinese buffet for lunch yesterday

There are loads of friendly policemen, some even on this forum… Hmmm, let’s see, I know of at least five. One offered to show me his handcuffs only on Friday. Or was it his Prince Albert? One or the other.

Thanks Pavi
Just off to a meeting and I can’t get the image of a Prince Albert out of my mind

IMO there are two types of policemen, the ones who were bullied at school and who only want to be a policemen to push people around and the type who do genuienly care and are doing there bit to try and make it a better place for all to live.

Guess you were lucky that no one took lunch money from the one you met.

Paivi, was it this chap? lol

dan ya hit the nail right on th head there most of them was bullied at school!!!

Nah, you are all wrong.

I’m sure Gixxer owners were the ones bullied at school.

In fact, who wasn’t bullied at school? Can’t do it nowadays of course with all that human rights nonsense… easy way to make a few hundred grand and all that

Do the police bikers in the met still show the black rat stickers?

I’ve had a lot of dealing with the police due to the way I dress and the area I live in, and it really restores my faith in the Police when I hear stories like that. One good copper really does outshine all the ar£**oles.

Good on that copper :slight_smile:

He’s probably a retired copper by now:D:D:D

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Sorry for the ressurection haha :blush:

You have managed to bring up 3 or 4 ancient posts tonight:w00t:

Oh crap! Very sorry guys.

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