a friend in need

A mate of mine has recently purchased a shiny newish bike.
But unfortunately the front mudguard has been scratched aswell as the tail unit (we believe it to be local cats)
So we have been looking to upgrade to a carbon front mudguard.
However funds are low and we wonderd if the kind people on lb would make a small paypal donation for my mate to get one, only small like £10 per person?

Thanks all :hehe::hehe:

LOVE YOU:kiss::w00t::smiley:

btw fairing’s are for pussy’s:D

Obviously hasn’t seen my “carbon” front mudguard yet…



+1, I’m with the ratman, fairings are for pussies. Take them all off - you’ll have much more fun when you hit the ton :smiley:

Just waiting for a large amount of money to arrive from frozen funds in Nigeria (I was contacted confidentially) and will then gladly help out any LBer’s in need. :smiley:

fuck me…a post from the $$$$ who isnt trying to sell you something…:doze:


hahaha :smiley:


I had no idea LB was so generous
I will be back shortly to report on which bits of my bike are scratched.

your typical forum administrator post ha ha :cool:

Shane say what you feel and don’t hold back on the language.:smiley:

He still wants money tho :w00t:

If this is the case then you can fork out for my mate to get a seat unit made from scratch in carbon fiber :w00t:

Cor blimy, who threw your toys out the pram shane?

Delighted to help others with my good fortune :slight_smile: Just waiting to hear back from my good friend Nosa Pujeh who is the Minister of Finance in Lagos.

I sent my passport, bank account and password details to him last week, and am assurred that several millions will be in my account very soon.

New RSV4 with APRC ordered in anticipation of becoming rich :w00t:

Come see me boy. I’ll sort you out a disco. :wink: