A flat share for a biker WANTED

Hi Everyone,

Help needed. I just got to know that I have to move within the next two weeks which is bloody short notice especially if you want to find something in a decent area, with off street parking or garage and within a budget. I’m trying to use all available options so I thought it could make sense to ask here. People know people, who know people - right?:slight_smile:

Currently I live in West London but wouldn’t really mind trying something new as long as it’s not hours away from Westminster where I work:) I’m not a massive enthusiast of East London, but that’s it:)
So if you know someone looking for a tenant or a flatmate, PM me please. I’ll be really obligated.


have you seen chaz’s place in brentford?


Hey Alex, thank you! A priceless info:) Arranging the viewing in progress:)