A few trackday pics

Mark (GSXRang’s other half) waiting for Wasp to turn up with her leather whip in her dominatrix gear

Jimc in leathers

Rockerchick in Ducati Petes leathers

and the two below are of my tyre after the last session on my half a track day




Ginge don’t worry we’ve got the whip and handcuffs ourselves… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: You wana see him wearing fishnets with it :w00t:

…and get your eyes off him, he isn’t interested in you :laugh:

lol love the pic of mark lol

:D:D mark you big raving hairy arsed faggot:D

thats so wrong on so many levels :w00t:by the way ginge have you had your suspension set up properly? looks like your tyre is chewing up a bit

dont fully understand the vids by this guy yet but 3mins odd he’s talking about a tyre that seems similar?http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mbaef-ZrgWk

Yip, poor suspension setup, and possible he didn’t let the pressure off enough.

I think Mark is a big fan of dance music…