A few snaps from my weekend at Mallory

Decided to go with my mate this weekend for the first race of the season in some non discript northern cup at Mallory Park. The sun was shining and I managed to fall asleep in between races and burn my face :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway heres a few snaps from the day - I wont bore you with millions. Thing is I’m an arty farty commercial photographer by trade and Ive never really had a go at snapping bikes. So this is my first attempt, I really enjoyed it so critism would be welcomed by our local bike shooters :slight_smile: Ive even put a few oldy bikes in for our resident oldies :stuck_out_tongue:

Si finnished

10th 600 superstock
14th 600-1300 open
8th 600 superstock
somewhere toward the back open 600-1300 (fastest 600 on the track though so he did well) :smiley:

















sorry forget the guys name who got taken out but poor guy. His firt ever time racing - first qualifying 2nd lap, he sowed for an accident ahead and some idiot ran up the back of him foooked his bike up and broke his wrist. He took it well though and says he’ll be at the august meet! Good on ya lad :smiley:

Very nice photos

Oooh look at that TZ750…Evil SOB:D

Lovely pictures but not sure I like the RC8 in pink;):D:D

Might not be pink (as in Barbie) - more “salmon” or “coral” - Still would be better in BLACK!!

I’m thinking Misty Salmon Mousse:D

Stop making us feel hungry at this time of night! :slight_smile:

Nice shots mate!

that TZ looks the dogs borrox:cool: i want a go!!:smiley:

Nice shots mate!

sorry i didnt make it after all, was hungover lol


Oi you bugger!

great shot mate! Didnt realise there’d be any other LB’ers there! i was the young guy with spiky hair and the old battle tank of a lense from the 70’s :stuck_out_tongue:

just noticed this is your second post! so i see youve logged on and created an account just to show up my work :stuck_out_tongue:

we’ll have non of that around these parts!

hehe nice shooting Ryan, and that vignetting is just pure kitch lol

Not at all, I can delete it if you would like me to.

haha nah am just kiddin mate! im not that competive.

haha cheers andrew! I think? :stuck_out_tongue:
Like I said first time ive shot bikes and just like o be different so a bit of desaturation and huge vignette and hey presto “I got style” haha.

Buy the way just want to remention! Id forgotten to speak to Jay about business cards for you guys? The offer is still open! So just PM when you have some artwork and ill get them sorted :smiley:

Just thinking Andrew! If business cards are not really what your looking for the same offer would be open for some flyers to promote your work. obviously you’d need to sort the artwork out though :slight_smile:

cheers I’ll talk to the gaffer this week at Dony Park :slight_smile:

And it was a compliment!