A few shots of the new Beast...

And a beast it truly is…118 ft/lb of torque…127 HP…a real thumper.

She’s fully ridden in now and is an absolute blast to ride…the performace is good for a big bike…excellent brakes…and that motor drool She’s a real head turner too…I get lots of “What the hell is that?!” or “Why didn’t I get one of THOSE” or “How big is that rear tire?” comments nearly every time I have her out.

I love it!





Where the rubber hits the road…240mm rear tire.




very nice,

Lovely Beast, how she sound like?

How is the handling with the rubber like this big?

Usually I don’t really like cruisers…but that is pretty bloody tasty!!!

Nice one.

I really like it Gregman! I think this is the sort of new style of cruisers that would make a lot of people not interested in cruisers typically, think twice! Do you get a comparable buzz on it compared with your trust GSX-R 750?

Very, very Nice

It’s a completely different ride than the 750, of course…the 750 was all about keeping the needle above 9k to really feel the power of the motor…it was about aggressive cornering and high, high speeds. A fun ride, no doubt.

The 109 makes power, BIG time torque, right from the idle…it tops out at only 7.2k but it pulls HARD right from the beginning. It corners pretty well for what it is, a long, low and 700 lb bike. It requires a completely different approach on the “twisty” roads…it’s all about chosing the right line right from the beginning as mid corner adjustments are difficult due to ground clearance…the footpegs will drag, and fold up a bit, but there is only so much room to give before you start grinding the bike itself. That being said, when you get it right, it is AMAZING…particularly the exits…that big 1800cc V-Twin just POUNDS the ground as you open up the throttle at the apex and accelerate out of the corner. That kind of torque is something that you truly have to FEEL to appreciate.

The fact that the bike looks “cool”…and has that distinctive “thump thump thump” V-twin sound only adds to it’s appeal.

Take a trip to the US, Jay…I’d happily let you take the 109 out for an afternoon so you could come to grips with that huge motor…Stony Creek Road in rural Cowley County would be ideal, twisting and turning through the southern Flint Hills.

Very nice Greg, shes a beaut!

And I thought I had a long commute

nice one mate!, i saw one of these at the ace today

WOW thar’s some beast you have there, just my kind of ride.


Amazing what you can get with a few tokens of cereal packets these days