A few shots from the Isle of Man TT 09

Some of the action so far…

Great pics.

TT riders - utter respect. . .

great shots…

fantastic shot, well done mate. love the fire breathing one

+1 wots the deal with the hi vis on 1 of em??

Thanks everyone.

Have to admit, the firebreathing one is one of my best to date.

The hi viz bibs are for newcomers. They have to wear them in practice.

Fantastic photos…Kwin

Lovely pictures Chunky

Sh!t nickname though…lol;):P:D

love that one of Guy , and the scrapes on the fairing … superb Chunky :slight_smile:

Cheers fellas.

You LOVE the nickname ChunkyMonkey :smiley:

Cheers Keith, just goes to show, even the TT boys get the bike right over too :slight_smile:

Nice one! love the red r1 shot!

Thanks, its my favourite too. & i’ve been touting it everywhere. :smiley:

go guy!!! great shots:D

btw chunky…great sig line:cool:>>Easy company:)

Cheers Ratty,

Yup Easy Company. Taken from the “Biggest Brother Memoirs of Richard Winters” a brilliant read.

awesome pics!

fantastic regiment/battalion/company!

i have the box set dvd, the dvd of the real band of brothers is very very moving. great watching, will have to check out da book!

major winters…what a fella.:cool:

Have to agree. if ever there was a real Hero, its Major Winters.

…and maybe John McGuiness :smiley:


If you didn’t see a previous post of mine we are going to be pushing ‘member galleries’ so please get in touch when you are back and have sorted out your best shots. We will certainly look at putting them in a group gallery with others - whaddya think?

+2 loving this shot alot!!!

Thank you

& Thanks Andrew, all sounds good. I will sort through my stuff as soon as i can. I’ve got a few thousand to go through & racing has only just started :smiley:
Posted the fire breathing Yamaha on deviant already