A few Pics-Wheelies from NW200

Sorry there are a bit dark as there where taken on practice evening.

There wasn’t much light to be had… at Black Hill.

Truely fantastic shots there Davy! I love the first two shots especially, with the low light. At first I thought you’d used some flash but the shutter speed’s too high.

The Brits did good.

The bikes are coming over a blind hill at about 70-90mph.

Michael giving it rock all here in the NW200 race

Wonderful pictures. Was watching it on the TV yesterday, big up to the beeb for showing it.

Excellent pics

Can you come to the TT with us to take our pics for us

We watched it as well, until it clashed with BSB, but by then superbikes had their race. The TV coverage was MUCH better than the Web coverage at the time. Pretty mad stuff, though the circuit layout could be more imaginative imo.