A few new toys

I’ve been resting at home with a damaged foot, but I took the time to hobble outside and take a couple of snaps of a couple of items I’ve added to my K5 recently. I bought some preload adjusters off of eBay recently for peanuts, but wasn’t sure how they would look, I wanted them in black ideally. Also new is the Moto2 race fuel filler cap. I really like this item, it looks like it belongs there!


Love the Moto2 fuel filler cap not so sure about the preload adjusters. The bike is looking nice.

All you need is an originalgeordiemark paint scheme.

Yeah, you’re right, the adjusters do look naff. Hrm. Fancy a set? Mark’s bike is awesome, I would love one like that, but it’s a lot of wonga for a paint job! Also, Corona might not be so popular next year for whatever reason, I’d hate to have to get it sprayed again, hehe.

what you done to your foot ? who are the dogs ? and love the fuel cap you got yourself a love tool there jay

I had an accident last week and damaged my foot, nothing broken, just a bad cut and lots of swelling. It’s healing though. The Dogs are a group of bikers who use LB as their home. Cheers!