A few Afghan Photos 4 ya

  1. sports

  2. Boy above kabul, taken on a walk

  3. Woman in road

  4. View of kabul from the hill

  5. Boy with leg

wow, very striking images, good to see a more human view of afghanistan, and not the shooting and killing the media always protrays

Great photos, thanks for posting them. Is that really a one-legged footballer? An incredibly poignant image, showing the resilience of the human spirit. If you took these you are a very talented photographer. Please take many more.

Above all though, please stay safe :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing these with us Hels:)

I really like the picture of the boy with his false leg, is he one of your clients?

Keep safe H

See ya soon;)

Amazing pics Hels. :slight_smile:

wow hels there is some great shots :slight_smile:

Fantastic pics Hels, just shows what people can cope with and manage to keep going. It’s a shame that by no fault of their own they are put in that position in the first place, sad but incredible at the same time…

The woman in the road sums it up for me, having to beg while here child sleeps, such a desperate situation to be in… :frowning:

Stay safe and keep the reports/pics coming, it’s fascinating stuff and hopefully it’s opening some eyes at to what’s really happening out there… :slight_smile:

Some great photographs there and as the others have said above, it gives a good insight of real life for those of us back home.

Keep them coming

Take care.

Good pictures, which make you think.


Cracking pics m8. The last one and the woman in the road are very good. I wish I took images like that!

OK, I’m being a bit slow here, Hels - what do you do for a living to be out in Afghan? I’m assuming your in the Forces, but you could be part of the UN…sorry, the sun hasn’t quite managed to fully deforst my brain yet :slight_smile:

Or I could have got that all totally wrong and you just fancied a new holiday destination :wink:

Hi folks

Plenty more photos where they came from. :wink: I have stored them all on the hard drive of my laptop, which is probably why it takes two hours to start the thing up in the morning.

Okay - what do I do? Well, tbh, I got lost on the way to Thailand and ended up, not on a beach in my bikini, but in Afghanistan. :D:P I have already written a strongly worded letter of complaint to Thomas Cook :smiley: :smiley: Oh, the inefficiency!!!

No, am not in the forces and am not in the UN either!! I’m not very good with guns, think I’d be a complete liability as a soldier. I work for a small French NGO, staffed mainly by Afghans, with a few expats who provide the technical / health support. We work in the south, west and east of Afghanistan in landmines clearance and landmines education (down in Helmand and Kanadhar), in health and disability (prosthetics and orthotics and assistive devices, burns, physical rehab in several local hospitals and clinics) and in supporting people with disabilities to get back into work in their communities. We partner with some local organizations who are assisting women with disabilities, the health ministry and also provide prosthetics to a huge range of men, women and children, includng people fighting alongside the coalition forces.

It’s very interesting work, but at times can be extremely stressful, with very definite highs and lows. BUT have had some great support from people from this forum, and other biking forums,:):slight_smile: and also friends and family. Getting e mails is a really big morale booster.

A mate of mine is off to Afghanistan with the army - today - to Helmand. So any parcels you want to send to him, you can post them out for free. It would make his day (and also any extra things - he can send up to me :slight_smile: )

Thanks for all your support London Bikers!! When I get back will be up for a day off roading and some serious RIDES OUT :D:D



Great photos… Afghanistan is a gorgeous country, and was a popular destination for hippy-backpackers in earlier years until all the B.S. started. You can see why. Try to google the photo blog of a U.S. transport plane pilot, he’s taken some pictures of the Afghan mountain ranges that will just make your jaw drop.

One may hope for peace on earth… when it arrives, they could make a sizeable income down there from tourism.

The photos of the kids are heartbreaking, it’s always the innocent wee ones that get mixed up in the adult’s B.S. wars.

Hi Hels,

What are the kind of things you miss most? I think we should get an LB parcel together and send it out (oh right, don’t say your hornet, it won’t fit!).
We used to send out parcels to my mum’s ant who did missionary work in Congo and I know how much small thing can be appreciated when your far away from home :slight_smile:

Great pics there Hels, very poignan, definitely want more of them, you should exhibit them.

Seems like the one-legged footballer punched someone really hard, so hard that they have flown out of picture? :smiley:

Hey Hels, hows things going out there? Not read your blog for the past few days, must get on there for an update.

I’m gona find another one of those things, i was gona send you… cant believe how hard it is to actualy find one. And before you say anything im determined to get you one cause it will hopefully put a smile on your face, i know how much i liked receiving things when i was in iraq.

Sharp snaps Hels, keep em coming, you could get an exhibition together with that kind of stuff… real life in Afghanistan… I’m sure there are loads of charities that would kill to get hold of moving “real life” imagery like that to counterpoint all the negative stuff the media shows as everyone has said…