A father killed his daughter

I know we will never know the full story but how stupid can a man/father be.

A father killed his daughter when he crashed his motor-cycle while chasing another biker “for a bit of sport”, a court heard yesterday.

Biker’s Daughter Dies In ‘Chase’

So the father did contribute to the accident, no argument from me, but what about the f$%^£ing Land Rover!?!?

Seems like a distinct lack of responsibilty. He will have to live with his concience for the rest of his life. As for the driver, they surely should be getting done as well, but, knowing what all these things are like, will probably be able to claim off the bike insurance as he was riding dangerously…

If your doing 80mph in a 40mph zone its hard for anyone to see you and with all the parked cars it would have been near impossible.
One minute you look theres no bike a split second and 80mph later the biker has crashed into the car.

Whatever car you’re driving you have the right to expect that people won’t be approaching you at 80 in a 40 zone surely?

That father has a life sentence of guilt on his conscience for the rest of his days. All for a moment of stupidity, which everyone is guilty of sometimes. The courts can impose no greater punishment than that.

Though his not guilty plea is questionable and surprises me to be honest. Though as was said earlier, we’re not in receipt of the full facts.

To be honest guys i live not far from where that happened and from what i can gather the father has been made out to look bad by the press,please dont make any judgements unless you know the full facts,on the stretch of road in question there would have been no parked cars,and lets be honest,how many pedestrians can accurately judge speed? all bikes “sound” fast dont they? i dont know who he is but i reckon he doesnt feel very good about it,and at the end of the day a vehicle pulled out in front of him,he was a biker like us afterall


Is this a bike site?

That is shocking, and as you say he is gonna have to live with this for the rest of his life, all for the sake of a bit of play!

That’s tragic, we all get carried away.

Really sad to read this!

I think the guilt will eat away at him enough.

Very sad and as already said not in receipt of all the facts.
I’m sure he will pay for the rest of his life in any case.

Although we are not in recept of the full facts, all parties involved surely have played apart in this tradegy which led a little girl to lose her life !!

If indeed the rider was riding faster than the speed limit for that road just for a bit of fun he should be partly to blame when i rider is carrying a pillion they should be thinking of them aswell as themselves it is hard enough somtimes for a fully grown adult to hold on as a pillion at speed let alone a little girl yes the father has got to live with this for the rest of his life and that is punishment enough !!!

And as for the landrover driver if indeed the rider was riding at speed then the driver could have performed all of his checks and there was no bike gone to pull out and the bike was there what can the driver do, but if indeed the rider was not going at speed and the car driver pulled out without looking then this car driver also has this left on his consions for the rest of his life thats he killed somone cos he want paying enough attention !!!


When interviewed he told police: “I cannot help but blame myself. All I think about every day is my daughter. I haven’t got her now. If I had just turned around and said ‘we’re not going’.”

Yes it is a sad end to a sad situation but he was quoted to have said the above he shpould have also thought about the fact that his daughter was on the back when he decided to play with another bike !!!

I shall reframe from replying as most would be edited!