A familiar sight

starter motor this time


Well at leaste he was friendly :smiley:

Should of got a Italian bike mate :hehe:

it’s just the unlucky one ! don’t be put off. you know all this bad things about 675 but look from positive side aswell!

I’ve been ridinig since October, put 9k miles on mine, only topping up oil, coolant, washing it and buying petrol.

Sell this one, get new 675, do part exchange or finance. You know you love this bike !

When you buy a brand new bike for X thousunds of pounds, Luck shouldn’t come into it.:doze:

hmmm my thoughts exactly

only just read this post

thats a real bummer about the bike

so how long till your backon the road now then

maybe you should ask the shop owners if the can put a bed in there

you spend more time in there then you do at hom lol


answers your question about your other post about 2should i get rid of my bike" ay but seems unlucky

Curtis you could always buy my bike off me as that still works.:stuck_out_tongue:

I see it’s an 07? Have you had it since new? Under the Sales of Goods Act you’ve probably left it a bit late to reject it completely, however I would talk to your local citizens advice bureau, or check out their web site, and that of trading standards, send of a recorded delivery letter to the dealer principal at the dealer you bought it from threatening legal action unless you receive some compensation… I would probably be pressing for the dealer to buy the bike back from me at above market value to compensate for it being unfit for the purpose intended, then you could go and buy something that worked.

Get rid…It’s a bag of shíte mate…Sorry :frowning:

Again! blimey curtis, that’s quite unlucky, get rid of it, how about a nice pearl white, yummy, dribble inducing 848 :w00t:

What he really means here is, sell it or even burn it and buy something else…