A Different Cafe Racer at Borough Mkt. Waddya Think?

Dear all,

long story - some time ago I got ill enough to warrant an operation - it took me 6 months to recover and whilst in hospital I learned that my company had gone bust - no compensation (Happy New Year!). So I started looking for a job when I got out then I had to have another operation - 3 months recovery this time.

So back to looking for a job - after the 101st rejection letter (well two major ops in 12 months doesn’t look good on your CV and then there’s my age… ) I decided “Feck It!”.

I decided I’m gonna work for myself in something I enjoy - motorcycles.

Can’t be a racer - no skill and too scaredCan’t be a stunter - dittoCan’t be a mechanic - two left thumbs
But I can make tea, and more importantly Coffee…

So I underwent Barista training, learned about coffee roasting, coffee blends, grinder settings, espresso settings, how to make the perfect coffee, and what buggers coffee up - how to SMELL a good coffee - how to judge your Starf*cks from your Costa. It’s a huge subject - also learnt how to make decent tea.

I have always envied Mark Wilsmore of the Ace Cafe for what he did but I ain’t got the money for a permanent gaff - and the Ace has corned the market.

So I have started an “Ace Cafe On Wheels” . I bought a van and have been working these last 3 months to do it up and get it ready. I have just finished wrapping and Logoing it up - based on a 1950’s racing transporter - still got the inside to redecorate in a 1959 cafe theme but I’m getting there.

I’ve already done a number of Charity events,sports days,school fetes etc over the last few months to practice and get myself up to speed - it all works 100%!

Now phase 2 - my real aim…I want to attend any motorcycling event that I can. Club meets , club rideout start points, finish points, dealer open days. promotional work in motorsport, members days etc etc etc.

When I’m ready it’ll be on to phase 3 - IOM TT, Goodwood Festival, Brooklands etc etc - but not ready for that yet.

Here’s my baby;

Anyway the point of this is I was going to come to the Borough Market meet to test everyones opinion, ideas, suggestions etc - I really would be grateful for any input from fellow bikers - you guys are my intended customers after all!

I guess I won’t be able to park for long and I don’t want to take up bike spaces for anyone else ( also unfortunatley I won’t be able to sell anything simce the Market Inspectors will be on my arse - but maybe a few circuits to give everybody the idea.

Well…Waddya think?


I think it looks fookin brilliant, and I’ll make a very special effort to get to BM to see it in the flesh, so to speak. Good luck to you Dude! hope its a raging success.

Good on ya for having an idea and the guts to go through with it!!!

I love those little coffee vans and I’ll be sure to ‘stop you and buy one’ if I ever see you about. Maybe you should follow one of the next rideouts as a ‘support’ vehicle :wink:
Good luck with it!

It’s so cool. One of the best coffees I had was from something similar.

Good luck with it.

That is excellent!
Well done.

Looks bloody great!!

do you need a licence to sell on a public road then?

I think you need a portable traders licence or something (that’s a guess as I’m sure you guessed haha)

Thanks guys :smiley:

Yep - these days you have to have a council pitch (which are few and far between with long waiting lists ) or be on private land (ie not on a public road )…I am licenced by the council to trade and have passed all the health and safety (5 stars! :slight_smile: )plus gas checked, electricity checked etc etc - just goes on.

Sounds bad but ANY public land will do - the vans so small it only has to be the size of a double bed! I’ve already traded off peoples drives - no problem!

CjKit Thanks for that - I’d like to follow ride outs but my van is only a twin cylinder 500cc diesel…max speed 45mph! So keeping up is gonna be a problem. I am planning for a towing vehicle for phase 3 though (will need it to do the IOM TT )


Mate, fair f*cks to you! You’ve always seemed to be a right decent lad, and you’ve put something together that I really hope works out well. You deserve it for being a good guy and having the initiative to run with an idea. Good luck! And I love coffee, so I can’t wait to have a scoop with ya! :slight_smile:

good work! looks fantastic and I look forward to buying a coffee from your fine machine at a bike meet somewhere soon

Looks brilliant!
Have you spoken to Mark at the ace about supporting some of their events nationally with some magnetic ACE Cafe signage?
Also - I’ll send you a PM on Thursday as I work for one of the largest catering companies in the world at the head office, their could be a few people interested in your idea for ‘proper’ coffee at some of our events - we cover most events with one brand or another!
Also - see if you can set up on a bit of the farm land on the A413 near Buckingham! :hehe: would be a fair few of us that are on that route regularly! :smiley:

That looks excellent, mate. Good Luck with it all

Top man and wish you all the best :slight_smile:
How about putting a busa lump in there and join all the rideouts lol

Dude, First off - that looks great and well done you for giving it a go. As a suggestion why not consider parking up on the RBLR1000 route and getting a big sign up. The riders will all need a receipt showing they got to the point (like Dover) so if you can scout out a good spot you could do some business and get some good PR.

Secondly, about the story of the company that went bust. Did they go bust owing you wages? If so you can claim from the National Insurance Fund - read about is here… https://www.gov.uk/your-rights-if-your-employer-is-insolvent/claiming-money-owed-to-you

Unluckysaxon - mate don’t ! ya gonna make me blush - thanks for that though! :smiley:

Sean - I have spoke to Mark a couple of times - he’s a bit cautious (he’s got to protect the Ace brand after all and he has 2 other co-owners to satisfy ) but I think he can see someyhing in ot - yer right a branded Ace cafe at Southend or Brighton would be great! … just gotta take little steps and make sure .

AND if you’re interested I’d love to cover any events anyone can pitch up …be chuffed.:slight_smile:

Mad Dog - that would be :w00t: considering I only chuck out about 32bhp at the mo:crazy:

Simon - now thats a good idea!

Trom & Rank …thanks for that - look forward to doing you a brew!

amazing! that setup looks proper brilliant

Really pleased to finally see what’s been keeping you from joining us on our ride-outs Ross. It’s a brilliant idea and I am sure you will be successful - you could have made a fast buck on Sunday morning somewhere just outside Aylesbury, 40 + bikers and no refreshments on offer! And don’t even get me started on the lack of toilet facilities!!!

Anyway best of luck, she looks adorable, especially with her special reg plate and I look forward to you making me a skinny-cappu!

A fantastic initiative, Ross, I wish you all the very best with that. And the van looks great!

If you arrange to place yourself at strategic points along some of Jetstream’s rideouts, I might even be tempted to come along…

I love the little van, very cool. Wish you all the best and well done for making your dream reality :slight_smile:

the little van looks really cool, well done and good luck with your new venture.

so…how about friday nights at chelsea bridge?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: