A decent thing..

Well I know how scooters carve up most people on the roads but had to do my good deed for the day (Charley helped me the day before) as I could leave a damsel in distress.

Got back to the green meanie last night only to see some poor women astride her scoot and it was not going anywhere. Several guys around on their scoots but no one lending a hand so over I goes. Appears it would not turn on the key or the kick start…but two kicks of kwaks right leg had the little thing purring (the scoot ok!) and she was most pleased.

Suggested she takes it somewhere to get it looked at (as she said the battery was fine!) and also suggested she takes a look at the site!

Hey maybe a convert to LB or at least the biking fraternity.

hey well done Kwak

this dont get you out of your punishment tho!!!

Good man and I hope you told her that riding in a skirt was a no no.

She had decent enough gear…and I think a fullface too!

Indicated a larger bike at home…wel anything bigger than a lawn mower on 6inch wheels is goign to be bigger.

Should of got her number…

Nice one fella, good to spread the love, eh!

J - you are just an all round sweetie. That’s very nice of you!!

I can only please 1 person a day, today isn’t your day, tomorrow doesn’t look good either… Looks like it was her day, nice one Kwak

karma mate!nice one