A day to remember. .

One lucky guy sharing the bubbly with Michael Rutter. . A day to remember…

Ha ha. Superb photo!

Really love the expressions and nicely crisp for what must have been a grabbed moment! :slight_smile:

+1 superb

grabbed moment - you ever tried shooting a wedding! its a day of grabbed moments. So tiring its unbelievable,

I doff my cap to a decent wedding photographer – not the type of stuff I do or want to do. Very hard work and, as you say, getting those candid grabbed moments that everyone will coo over later is an absolute b*gger, particularly as most people are so ‘camera aware’ that as soon as you even bring it to your eye they are either staring at you with a false and fixed grin or desperately moving out of shot.

Any shoot that involves the entire age range from babies right through to wrinklies is well worth avoiding! :stuck_out_tongue:

Superb picture, well done

:w00t: brilliant photo… but where’s the cork?