A day out Karting?

I know this has been covered before, but I can only remember it being spoken about and as far as I know it didn’t happen.

Me, I’m suffering from a serious lack of ride outs, and could do with some fun.

Theres plenty of places in London to do it, so who’s up for it?

I’d like to find a place that has two stroke karts, most of them are the four stroke ones which are ok for a laugh - have to check it out, whatever it’d be a laugh anyway!

ok, so someone list the 2 stroke go-karting sites…

pick one
then a date

and then ITS’S ON!

I’m well up for it, although I will have no money till feb

Still trying to find one, IS there a two stroke/indoor karting place round London??

Im up for it ya can all watch mi crash as I don’t do to well on 4 wheels

The place in kings cross is pretty good.

was going to mention kings cross…

not sure if they are 2 stroke though…

Hey m9, in fairness I crash on purpose. Its more like stock car racing for me.

I looked at the Kings X one already - I’ll look into it in more detail later on, gotta go out in da rain soon. Think they might have twin cylinder 4 strokes, be better than the little thumpers though!

Well the latest is I’ve phoned the kings x place, and they have space available on the weekends 21st & 22nd and 28th & 29th for us.
The cost is 65+VAT, so 75 squid each, unless we get more than 15, then it’s 55+VAT.

I,m waiting on the bloke ringing again as he was off the phone so quick I didn’t ask what type karts they are.

I’ll update when I know.

So who’s up for it then???

How long do you get on track?

£75 DAM!

I my old place in France was £10 for a 30mins session

Buckmore park is seriously good down in kent. Serious track and proper karts. £75 at KK seems pretty steep!

Daytona in park royal only prob I think they only will do company events now so LB Karting could work the last time I used them it was £45.00 for 30 mins but this needs to be checked

Can’t we just steal some cars and drive around a council estate?

No probs only one prob I can’t drive anymore apart form big big circals

I even once bought an F-reg Ford Escort for £75! That was a cool car

Let’s buy some ****ty cars and do some grass racing!

if i have time i am up for it

im up for some arse kicking er, friendly competition… bring it on

I’m in … if we can decide where!

try the streatham karting - its about 5 minutes south of brixton tube next to streatham station…

i dont think it’ll be expensive… plus looks pretty good…