a cyclist put me in danger this morning

when i saw the light changed to GREEN, i started move and accelerate, then i this cyclist tried to cross teh road. He realized his mistake and stopped, but he already made me brake. Luckily the car behind me was observant enough and braked in time too, otherwise i could have been hit from behind.

the lesson learnt: i will pay special attention to those cyclists at crossings

It comes with the territory mate riding a motorbike on the road has it dangers.

the Artist

I’m more suprised when they actually stop for lights :hehe:

Some twat cyclist jumped the red at a busy crossroads yesterday carrying a fair bit of speed, so he’d never have been able to stop if he needed to. I saw him doing it, but revved the bike and started to move as if I hadn’t seen him and was about to pull across the front of him. He shat himself. :smiley:

I tend to ignore cyclists who are using pedestrian crossings.

As far as I’m concerned, the clue is in the ‘pedestrian’ part of the name. The crossings aren’t there for cyclists who are using the pavement, they are there for pedestrians to use. :crazy:

Fecking cyclists ! I hate them as much as you guys. Thinking of having on my bike :smiley: