A crashed MV

some pics of the bike





So glad you walked away from that one mate. Am gutted for you tho for the loss of the brutale.

If there’s owt i can do to help, just give us a shout.

Any news of Rasta?

Sh1t! What happened? Are you alright?

god! that looks pretty bad, when did it happen? are you ok?

O tesoro! Your gorgeous Brutale! Please let us know you’re OK! And what’s this about Fasta Rasta??? Was he in an accident, too? Is he OK?

That was bad luck Vinni it was not your day, your were flying till then.

See R&Gs work well seeing as they are in one bit still.

as long as your ok you did look a bit confused after

Vinnie! Heard about the track incident recently, very sorry to hear about it mate You did a bloody good job bending that bike though, even I can’t rival that! So what’s next? Hope you’re not too sore…

Rasta is SWEET, well that is what he said after his high side his gixxer is a bit bent though.

all he said was my baby SHEEEAAATTT

someone really needs to sponser that guy a ride he was bloody quick, fasta rasta racing team blazing across the line

just keep him away from the grid girls or he will miss every race chatting them up

Vinny… Sorry to hear about the crash mate… Especially after I had just seen you in Bullet!!! Glad you’re in one piece though. Hope you’re bumps and bruises get better soon!!!

I didn’t about the crash! Sorry to hear Vinnie and Rasta.

sorry to hear about the crash guys, just glad you both walked away


you are one lucky man to have walked away from that…

Vinnie, Joe told me glad your ok…

Saw both handsome fellas at the Ace today, still handsome, albeit a bit bruised, but both walked away unscathed. Unfortunately, the Brutale is no more , but at least, Vinnie gets to go shopping! The Gixxer is still under covers awaiting Rasta’s evaluation, but is apparently not as badly damaged as the Brutale. Nothing wipes that Rasta smile off, though!

I was hoping to see Vinnie on a ped, but damn, he managed to swap that for an SV650.

sorry to hear about the crash Vinnie that brutale was well nice have you still got your Augusta?

Thanks Guys and Gals!

It happened at gerrards late braking to get in front of two jap race bikes which I did but I missed my turn point, the rest is history.

I was doing it all morning fine but after lunch felt tired, and lost the bike,be careful once you’ve eaten it relaxes you too much and it happens.



Met you today at the Ace, everyone was talking about the crash, but I didn’t know about it, but figured it couldn’t have been that bad as you looked OK.

But that bike is right properly bend!!!

what sort of speed were you doing? and did you make it to the water?

Still glad to see you’re alright at least, but that’s one ex gorgeous bike is that.

Cheers Mark

Sorry to hear the news. Hope the bike heals soon!

Glad you two are ok. Ras is definately quick on a bike.

Sh!t, that’s proper fvcked!! … Glad you’re okay though!!