A Couple Of Forum Usage Tips Please READ

  1. Please don’t finish thread titles with a full stop as it appears to screw up the thread sometimes. Sneaky’s MOT thread didn’t work until I removed the “…” he’d put on the end of the title. I think exclamation marks and question marks are ok but certainly not full stops.

  2. The “Quote” button. Please please don’t over-use it. This happens a lot and I can’t be alone in struggling to read what is being quoted from what is new content. I appreciate it is a forum problem and thus not your fault but we’re stuck with it for now.

I’ll suggest copy and pasting the comment you are responding to as you might on Facebook, for example:

@ Matt - " ------ copied sentence -----------" : my comments blah blah blah

or if you fancy it then please edit the code which the quoting button generates to remove previously quoted comments.

Of course you could just ignore me haha

here’s what I mean by copying:
@A&7 “Of course you could just ignore me haha” I wouldn’t dream of it!!!

Ok cheers for the advice andrew

Haha didn’t take someone long :smiley: