a couple newbie questions...

I have 2 questions which are not related.

  1. When i have been on a long ride and i can feel the engine has heated a lot (i dont have a thermometre on my bike), what should i do when i park up? Right now i let it idle for about 30 seconds, then turn it off. Is this enough? Is an idle bike going to heat even more? I just dont want the hot oil to bake inside the engine if i switch it off when its very hot.

  2. While trying to get my knee close to the ground, I have scraped my shoe a few times… this makes me think that maybe my pegs will scrape the ground before my knee does, and if i lean too far the pegs will force the bike to lose traction and slide. Im on a 2003 Fazer 600 and am also a short ass, so when i stick my knee out, it probably doesnt stick out as much as many other people’s knee might. Am i being too chicken/paranoid or is the bike tiping because of the pegs actually possible?

  1. you’ll notice engine heat far more in this weather, check the basics obviously, coolant level, leaks etc, bike should have a temp gauge? check ya fan cuts in… engine oil shouldnt bake?

  2. this sounds like an accident waiting to happen! please take it one step at a time, if the pegs are scraping you are leaning the bike over plenty far enough, its all about body position from here, If you’re wanting knee down hoolaganism get ya self to a nice track day for a play and some guidence. (god im getting old ;))

No need to leave the bike running when you stop - just turn the thing off.

Also no need to warm it up in the morning - the engine will wear more through sitting on the stand ticking over than it will being ridden.

As for the leaning - if you’re close to scraping the pegs then you should have enough lean for Knee down.

Personally, I can’t be arsed with hanging off the bike - certainly doesn’t make you any faster on the road, but can look cool if you get it right :slight_smile: