A computing conundrum

What to get…

…an Intel i7 2600K Sandybridge with P67 mobo (or H67 so I don’t have to get a graphics card initially, but compromise on overclockability?)…

…or wait until later in the year to see what the AMD Bulldozer is like…

Anyone got a P67 or H67 mobo? care to share your experience? Any sign of the “Cougar Point” issue manifesting itselfin the SATA 3Gb/s controller? Should I wait 3 months for the replacement issue-free chipset mobos to be released, or take agamble with the current crop and hope it’s not one of the “5%” projected dodgy ones?

My 6-year-old AMD64 3700+ system is about to give up the ghost and for about a year now has been useless for gaming, no modern games willrun on it :hehe: and there are some good games due to be released this year, which I don’t want to miss out on.

Want to get a decent machine so I don’t have to upgrade CPU/Mobo for at least another 5 years, so budget/Phenom II is not an option.

Might just wait for the Z67 mobo to become available.

Be interested to hear if anyone else here is in the same dilemma, and might have heard some good things about Bulldozer… :blink:

Just ordered a P67 with a 2600k - even with the news that all p67 motherboards will need to be replaced in april due to a sata bug. Intel are wiping the floor with AMD and I don’t see that changing.

I’m well out of touch - am due for a major upgrade this year though :smiley:

Here’s TH current chart http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/best-gaming-cpu-core-i5-2500k-amd-e350,review-32103-6.html

AMD have been a budget choice for a while but they do have comparable CPUs for most tiers.

As for mobo’s? No idea! :smiley:

Lets us know what you go for and how it performs! What games you eyeing btw…?


Thanks for your responses. What mobo you getting, Martin? Had my eyes on the £180 Asus one, had good experiences with Asus, and I like the extras they provide. Looks like their latest models make overclocking very easy.

Banman the games I’ve particularly got my eyes on are Duke Nukem Forever and Thief 4, but I was on PC Format’s website last night and saw some good preview vids of other games, a new one from Eidos seemed very good, can’t remember the name though.

Yeah p8p67 pro; though having problems getting RAM for it - their support matrix lists many part numbers but in odd configurations. I’m after 8GB and would rather split this into 4x2GB, so obv need to fill all four slots; which combined with a massive cooler means I need short ram chips and not the current trend of huge heatsink jobs as there’s not enough space around the cpu socket. Waiting on stock right now…

Hi, not sure if you’re going for an i5 2500k or an i7 2600k - but you might like this article on Toms Hardware.

I have never been a lover of the AMD chips so I wuld be biased and say i7… and with the above go P67

I’ve bought pre-overclocked systems from these guys for years. Never been disappointed!


Thanks, sorry about that, typo on my part. The i7 2600K is what I’m interested in, same as what KTMMartin is about to get.

Not keen on the prospect of ripping it all out and putting in a new mobo once the clean, issue-free ones get delivered.

Minded now to forget the AMD option and just wait for the clean P67s to come out. Seems a shame to waste that on-die i7 video capability, so perhaps go for the H67, or the best-of-both-works Z67… Doh, too much choice :hehe:

Thanks for that, Jay. The “Krypton Gigantosaur” looks perfect. I think I will go for that, just now need to wait for them to stock up with mobos that don’t have the Cougar Point issue…

Thanks, you’ve convinced me, Intel it is…You’ve bulldozered the Bulldozer :hehe:

I got all my parts from OCuK. Its cheaper buying the components and assembling them yourself though. Sometimes if its pre-overclocked they can mess up. My mate decided to buy the i7-920 @ 3.8Ghz. When he got it, the overclock was horribly unstable because they didn’t adjust some settings with the FSB. Spent a good 30 mins reconfiguring and had no problems since then.

I wouldn’t buy a pre-overclocked system anyway, they charge up to 30 quid extra for some very simple work.

Just to note, when the new mobo replacement is out, it may be ‘a new computer’ as far as OEM Windows licencing is concerned. You could probably argue the toss with MS… but FYI. Retail version not an issue.

Update. Running happily at 4.7Ghz at 85oC at 1.32v using a matterhorn single-fan cooler. Can push to 5.2 at 1.5v but best not to…

The p8p67 pro wasn’t stable until bios 1305 (resolving a problem with cold boots)
Ram sockets and chipset heatsinks way too close to the CPU so if you’re using a big cooler then you can’t have tall RAM as it won’t clear, and the matterhorn only just clears the sinks by a few mm
I mixed two 2x2Gb corsair 7-8-7-20 kits together which work at the advertised 1600 but are unstable above that
the auto OC doesnt work at all for me, it doesn’t like the 560ti frozr for some reason and lights up the vga error led. Manual oc not an issue.

I’ve not found a game I can’t set everything to MAX to yet :smiley:

Thanks for the update, Martin, sounds like you’ve built yourself a pretty handy system there.

Next step would be to figure out a way to mount it onto your bike so we can all have a play with it at BM next Wednesday.

Depending on the weather it may end up being watercooled :hehe:

Have put my own upgrade plans on definite hold now until May, to allow all the faulty SATA controllers to be out of the supply system.

In the meantime I have managed to fix the problem with my old system so it will do for now, still can’t play new games on it though :hehe: